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Visitors of the Chemical Industries Exhibition: Syrian industry gradually recovering

April 6, 2021
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The Chemical Industries Exhibition (ChemExpo), currently held at the Fairgrounds in Damascus, sheds light on the Syrian industry and reaffirms that the production process in Syria will continue despite all challenges and difficulties.

The exhibition presents chemical products including industrial oils, green chemicals, veterinary medicines, organic and inorganic materials, solvents, acids, alcohols, textile and leather chemicals, soap, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and their raw materials, agricultural chemicals, paints, ink, adhesives, laboratory equipment and services rendered to chemical companies.

A number of visitors and participants said that the exhibition introduces and markets the Syrian producers, stressing that the Syrian industry is gradually recovering.

Some Iraqi businessmen said that the visit of Iraqi industrialists and traders to the exihibition aims at supplying the Iraqi markets with highly competitive and quality Syrian products.

Other visitors said that the exhibition is a suitable place for consolidating cooperation between the Syrian traders and industrialists and their counterparts in neighboring countries, particularly in the light of the unjust economic siege imposed on Syria.

They added that the exhibition is also an opportunity for Syrian producers and traders to be acquainted with the products of the participating Arab and foreign companies.