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Syria Brings us Together'' Festival in Old Homs-

July 26, 2020

Homs, (ST)- In an initiative to reduce the burden of living and provide the basic materials to citizens at low prices, the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection and the Homs Governorate in cooperation with the Homs Chamber of Commerce recently, launched the shopping festival(Souria Btejmaana ), 'Syria brings us together' in the old Homs markets.

The festival, which will last until the 30th of the current month, displays many materials and products at reduced prices compared to market prices. The Festival is located within the markets of the old Homs and Khan Al-Qaysariya .

Head of Homs Chamber of Commerce said that the 'Syria brings us together' festival aims to secure the basic needs of citizens at appropriate prices in an attempt to reduce the price increase due to the difficult economic conditions that the country is going through that require the cooperation of various economic and commercial activities to reduce the burdens of the lives of citizens.

He added that the festivals are continuing in Homs Governorate, where the preparation for the School and Eid Festival will take place in the coming days in the exhibition city of Al-Wa'ar district.