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The government approves plan to build hundreds of houses for people affected by the quake

March 13, 2023

The Cabinet on Saturday held an extraordinary session to follow up on the implementation of the national work plan to address the repercussions of the earthquake that hit the country on February 6th, 2023. The most urgent issue was securing housing for the affected people and meeting their need as well as restoring the economic and social activity in the affected areas.

In this respect, the Cabinet approved the plan of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, which includes the immediate construction of 740 houses for the families who lost their homes in the earthquake.

The plan includes constructing 8 buildings with 440 houses in Aleppo and another 8 buildings with 300 houses in Lattakia.

Prime Minister Hussein Arnous affirmed the need to exert utmost efforts to accomplish the construction of the houses as quickly as possible in parallel with continuous work to install temporary prefabricated houses for the families left without homes.