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The government discusses the economic and financial policies of the ministries, urges pushing production process forward

January 25, 2023

During its weekly session today, chaired by Eng. Hussein Arnous, the Cabinet discussed the financial, monetary and economic policies of the ministries and the role assigned to each ministry to secure an increase in the industrial and agricultural production.

The Cabinet directed the concerned economic institutions to prepare a package of measures, policies and executive programs to ensure that the production process moves forward in order to secure the requirements of integration and partnership with the activities of the private sector.

Premier Arnous stressed the importance of positive interaction and continuous coordination between ministries, federations, unions and organizations in order to prepare plans to develop the various sectors, which will reflect positively on the national economy so as to develop professions and crafts.

Arnouse gave instructions to concerned committees to work as to inspect the damaged buildings and take necessary measures as to maintain general safety.

The cabinet approved financing the project of rehabilitating the damaged buildings in Adra Al-Ommaliya district in Damascus Countryside.