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January 23, 2023
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Communications center inaugurated in Al-Teh town in liberated countryside of Idlib

January 23, 2023

Minister of Communications and Technology Eyad Al-Khatieb on Saturday inaugurated the Communications Center of Al-Teh town in the liberated countryside of Idlib.

The inauguration of the center comes within the framework of the Syrian government’s efforts to rehabilitate and rebuild what terrorism has destroyed in the country.

In a statement to reporters, Al-Khatieb said that a telephone exchange has been installed in the center, whose building has been rehabilitated over the past months and equipped with modern technologies and devices and with a total capacity of 1000 telephone numbers that can be expanded.

He pointed out that a new communications network was built in the town in replacement of previous one that was vandalized and looted by the terrorist groups which were positioned in the area before it was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.

According to Al-Khatieb, Al-Teh Communications Center is the second communications facility to be rehabilitated after Khan Sheikhoun center. He said that the next step will include rehabilitating and inaugurating Maaret Al-Nouman communications center, noting the ministry’s determination to bring back the communication services gradually to all the areas that were liberated from terrorism.

For his part, Idlib Governor Thaer Salhab said that inaugurating Al-Teh center comes within the efforts aiming at rehabilitating the infrastructure and service facilities which were damaged due to terrorism over the past years.

It is to be noted that Al-Tah communications center went out of service in 2014 after it was completely destroyed by terrorists who also stole its equipment and copper networks, which used at that time to provide telephone services to the villages of Tahtaya, Babulin and Youhbeh.