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November 17, 2022

Minister of Tourism recommends a 50% decrease in prices of hotel overnight stay to reactivate tourism

November 17, 2022

Minister of Tourism Rami Martini held a meeting on Tuesday for the committee in charge of supervising the international hotels which are affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism. Discussions focused on the increase in the operation costs and on the expected rates of hotel occupancy in the coming stage.

Martini recommended a 50% decrease in the prices of the stay as of now until after Christmas and the New Year, which is the period of time that witnesses the return of many Syrian expatriates to their homeland. The aim is to increase occupancy rates and reactivate tourism.

According to the minister, the decision will encourage the tourist facilities affiliated to the private sector to follow the steps of ministry’s international hotels, decrease the prices and provide competitive offers that reactivate internal tourism in the coming stage.