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Nikonorova: Syria, Donetsk Republic aspire for boosting bilateral relations in all domains

October 19, 2022

Damascus, SANA-Nataliya Nikonorova, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic, affirmed the importance of boosting relations with Syria in all domains in the interests of the two friendly countries.

“My current visit to Syria, along with a number of ministers, aims to enhance relations with Syria, as we always seek to achieve the common interests of our countries that share a lot of aspirations,” Nikonorova said in an interview with Syria TV.

She added that Syria has been, still and will remain a basic partner to her country, referring to Donetsk Republic’s endeavors to maintain strong cooperation with Syria in the industrial, economic and agriculture domains.

Nikonorova thanked Syria for its support to the Donetsk Republic and its respect for the choice of her country.