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Cooperative Agricultural Bank in Al-Suwayda disburses compensation for agricultural damages

October 17, 2022

The Cooperative Agricultural Bank in Al-Suwayda started today disbursing compensation for agricultural damages resulting from the fall of hail during the month of April of this year.

Director of the Cooperative Agricultural Bank in AL-Suwayda, Engineer Naseem Hudaifa, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the value of the compensation amounts to 321 million and 519 thousand pounds, and about 1991 farmers benefited from it.

For his part, head of the Department of the Fund Department for Mitigating the Effects of Drought and Natural Disasters on Agricultural Production in the Directorate of Agriculture in Al-Suwayda, Eng. George Badawi, indicated in a similar statement that the affected areas amounted to 22,700 dunums.

The damage happened due to the hail that accompanied the unstable weather in the governorate of Al-Suwayda during the month of April.