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Activities of Tourism Investment Forum 2022 kick off in Damascus

October 17, 2022

The activities of the Tourism Investment Forum 2022 kicked off today at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus. The Forum is held by the Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with the Syrian Investment Authority, in the presence of Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, and with the participation of a number of Arab and foreign companies, businessmen and investors.

The forum included the opening of two photo exhibitions for the projects offered for investment in a number of governorates, followed by the screening of two films, one for the Tourism Investment Forum 2022, and another for the Syrian Investment Authority on the tourist sites offered for investment.

Over the course of two days, the forum will present a number of projects prepared for investment, amounting to 25 completed projects, in coordination with public authorities, administrative units, and popular organizations that own the lands that wish to offer them for tourism investment.