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With the participation of Syria, the start of the work of the International Telecommunication Union ITUPP22

September 26, 2022

On September 25th, the activities of the International Telecommunication Union (ITUPP22) conference kicked off in Bucharest, Romania, headed by the host country and ITU President Houlin Zhao.

The Minister of Communications and Technology, Eng. Iyad Al-Khatib headed the Syrian delegation.

More than 50 countries participated in the conference, in which the Bucharest Declaration was signed.

The declaration includes a number of recommendations for communications for the next four years.

In his speech, Minister Al-Khatib stressed that despite the terrorist war waged against Syria and the siege imposed by some countries on it, the Syrian government approved a digital transformation strategy with the aim of shifting the provision of services from the regular method to electronic, and providing transparent, integrated and high-quality government services using the latest technologies that have been implemented.

He pointed to the need to do collective work to develop policies and strategies that guarantee the various segments of all countries participating in the digital transformation process in a manner that implements the slogan contained in the Bucharest Declaration.

He said that the signatory countries have great opportunities to cooperate with the private sector, and other stakeholders, to invest in digital literacy and promote digital transformation to meet the needs of all segments of the population.