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Cathay Pacific welcomes HK move to remove quarantine

September 26, 2022

Cathay Pacific airline has welcomed the Hong Kong SAR Government’s latest measures to facilitate travel to Hong Kong, especially the decision to remove the hotel quarantine arrangement for passengers arriving in Hong Kong effective September 26.

These adjustments will help boost sentiment for travel, thereby facilitating the gradual resumption of travel activities and strengthening of network connectivity to, from and through the Hong Kong aviation hub, it said.

'We intend to add more than 200 pairs of passenger flights in October to both regional and long-haul destinations. In view of Japan’s relaxation of travel restrictions for inbound visitors, Cathay Pacific will

resume daily flights to Tokyo (Haneda) from November 1 and four-times-weekly flights to Sapporo from December 1. We will also increase flight frequencies to Tokyo (Narita) to 43 pairs and Osaka to 50 pairs in October,' the ailrine said.

'As Hong Kong’s home airline, we are fully committed to rebuilding the connectivity of the Hong Kong

aviation hub. While we will continue to add back more flights as quickly as is feasible, it will take time to

rebuild our capacity gradually,' it said.