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Syrian Transport and Tourism Company regained its position as one of the country’s most important tourist facilities

September 22, 2022

After long years of stoppage, the Syrian Transport and Tourism Company (formerly known as Karnak) has reactivated its work during the past four years with the aim of restoring its tourist and transport services to citizens, and thus regaining its position as one of the most important tourist facilities in Syria.

According to Fayez Mansour, Director of the company, thanks to the government’s support and the facilitations provided by the Ministry of Tourism, the company managed to carry out several important tourist investments and operating a number of buses to provide transport services to tourist facilities and delegations. The company also decreased prices, improved tourist services and established new tourist facilities, thereby attracting a larger number of internal tourists compared to past years.

In a statement to “Tishreen” newspaper Mansour said that four years ago, the company had only one tourist facility, but now it has seven, distributed in Lattakia, Tartous and Quneitra.

These facilities have shed light on new tourist areas that attract private investment and can be an important tourist and financial supporter for the tourism sector, he added.

Mansour pointed out that the company’s tourist facilities attract an increasing number of people due to quality services and suitable prices, noting that these facilities are well-equipped.

He clarified that the tourist facilities witness few visits by European tourists due to foreign boycott, but the number of Arab tourists, particularly from neighboring countries, increases gradually.