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4th Cement Technology Conference recommends forming national team for developing cement industry

August 2, 2022
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The 4th Conference for Cement Industry and Technology (CemTech 2022), held between July 26 and 27 in Damascus, has recommended forming a national consultative team that presents creative visions relating to the development of the cement industry in Syria, the region and the world, and that follows up upon up-to-date world technologies used in this industry.

The recommendations, issued on Saturday, stressed the need to form a Union for Syrian Cement Producers through which obstacles facing the production and marketing of cement locally can be addressed.

Integration between the public and private sectors besides the enhancement of the skills of national cadres were also recommended.

Participants in the conference called in their recommendation for consolidating the role of universities and research centers in making proper studies that benefit the cement industry and alleviate its environmental impacts.

They urged diversity in cement production and called for increasing the production capacity of the cement factories.