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Syria, Iran discuss documenting real estate and confronting environmental challenges

July 13, 2022
real estate

TEHRAN, Jul.12, (ST)- Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf discussed with Deputy of Judiciary and the head of Iran’s property and documents registration organization, Hassan Babaei means of cooperation on documenting real estate records, real estate survey and organizational schemes to achieve economic, urban, social, productivity and investment development between the two countries.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, (SANA), Makhlouf stressed the importance of document real estate ownership, preserving citizens’ rights, digital transformation and automation as one of the pillars of e-government.

“There are serious efforts in the field of preparing statistical data, conducting research and studies related to real estate activities in Syria, and developing the real estate legislative and engineering environment in order to achieve practical results that guarantee the citizens’ legal rights,” he added.

The Minister pointed out the importance of using modern technologies in achieving urban, engineering and service development in order to serve the reconstruction process after the terrorist war which targeted the Syrian infrastructure.

For his part, Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran, Shafiq Dayoub referred to the areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, such as making use of local currencies in trade exchanges to limit American hegemony over peoples’ capabilities.

While Babaei affirmed his country’s readiness to cooperate with the Local and Environment Ministry in Syria in various fields, especially real estate and exchanging expertise.

Makhlouf also held another talks with the Assistant to the Iranian President and Head of the Environmental Protection Organization, Dr. Ali Salajka.

The talks focused on enhancing bilateral cooperation to confront emerging national, regional and international environmental challenges and to adopt an integrated regional vision to combat environmental phenomena that negatively affect society, the economy and all aspects of life.

Makhlouf is paying a visit to Tehran at the head of a delegation to hold talks with the Iranian officials and participate in the conference on environmental cooperation for a better future with the aim of reaching solutions to national and regional environmental challenges.