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Fashion exhibition and graduation of fashion designers course for the cadres of the textile establishment companies

July 5, 2022

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Industry held an exhibition for fashion design and a graduation ceremony for the fashion designers course for the cadres of companies affiliated with the General Organization for Textile Industries.

Minister of Industry Ziyad Sobhi Sabbagh indicated in a statement to reporters that the course comes within the ministry’s programs for rehabilitation and training, which targeted the textile sector (Al Waseem and Al Sharq Lingerie Companies), where it was carried out using the latest means with the aim of rehabilitating companies to enter the labor market with greater strength and offer products with the best models and the cheapest prices that suit the tastes of all consumers.

For his part, the Director General of the General Organization for Textile Industries, Al-Harith Makhlouf, indicated in a statement that the course is the culmination of the joint efforts between the Foundation and the Youth Empowerment Center, indicating that the templates and costumes that were designed will be translated on the production lines.

Engineer, Maysam Muhammad Al-Ahmar, the trainer responsible for the course, pointed out that the training was conducted for ten trainees for a period of seven months and a hundred training hours for the design of molds and designs for cadres from Al Sharq Lingerie and Al Waseem Companies, in cooperation with the Youth Empowerment Center, which secured the training venue and the necessary materials.