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The American occupation steals a new batch of Syrian oil and transports it to northern Iraq

June 17, 2022
oil and gas

The American occupation forces transferred a convoy of dozens of tanks filled with stolen oil from the countryside of Hasaka to their bases in Iraqi territory.
Local sources indicated that a convoy of 42 vehicles, mostly tankers loaded with oil, and a number of covered tankers accompanied by armored vehicles of the American occupation, headed today from Hasaka countryside to Iraqi territory through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing.
On the fourteenth of last month, the American occupation took out 70 vehicles, including dozens of tanks loaded with stolen oil, to its bases in Iraq.
The American occupation forces, in collusion with the “Qasad” militia, control most of the oil fields in the Syrian Al-Jazirah region, and are working to smuggle and sell it abroad to deprive the Syrians of it, in flagrant violation of international law.