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Tile of Spain embarks on big GCC expansion drive

April 22, 2022
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Tile of Spain, the official umbrella brand that represents the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association (ASCER), has expanded its distribution to the lucrative GCC ceramic tiles market, which is valued at $7.8 billion.

Tile of Spain’s renewed sales and distribution push is a boost to the UAE Green Economy program, which includes increasing the environmental efficiency of housing and buildings as one of the important development areas.

The move is focused on bringing sustainability, innovation, and custom-made ceramic building materials to the region.

Tile of Spain, a prominent player known for cutting-edge designs and ecologically friendly products, plans to use its members’ wide selection of ceramic products to invigorate the market and in turn boost market competitiveness and attract international corporate ventures to the UAE and wider GCC region.

With the unveiling of large projects like the $8 billion District 2020 and other ambitious projects like the Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan, demand for sustainable and innovative ceramic designs is expected to soar, said a senior official.

'Ceramic tiles account for up to 35% of the overall tile market in the UAE, with yearly demand increasing due to new projects announced every month. This is now expected to rise following the UAE’s decision to overhaul the visa residency system – a welcome move that’s likely to drive the country’s real estate market resulting in an influx of property buyers and developers,' remarked Vicente Nomdedeu, president and chairman, Ascer – Tile of Spain.

'The UAE market is a gem for people in the construction and ceramics industries, and as the most popular hub for export and import, we foresee exponential growth over the next five years. Tile of Spain’s expanded distribution is critical to the region’s vibrant real estate and property development space,' stated Nomdedeu.

'We are confident that this strategic move will boost the GCC market, paving way for innovative, cutting-edge design, and most importantly, sustainable property development in line with the sustainability agenda,' he noted.

With the implementation of effective anti-dumping tariffs on ceramic tile imports from Asian markets, demand for affordable, high-quality tiles is likely to increase, he added.