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Tourism Ministry: Great investment opportunities that provide jobs for 100 thousand person until 2030

November 25, 2021

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Tourism, Mohammad Rami Martini has stressed that Tourism Ministry adopted a plan for the next 10 years to develop the tourism sector, adding that attention will be focused on popular tourism and the return of cultural tourism.

“The year of 2022 will be the best tourism year,” Minister Martini said during a press conference on Wednesday.

He pointed out to Dozens of requests by European states to visit Syria which are on table of the Ministry.

Martini added that there are great opportunities for tourism investment in Syria which will provide job opportunities for more than 100,000 people until 2030.

According to Martini, the number of Arab and Foreign tourists who visited Syria during 2021 has amounted to 488 thousand persons who booked about 1.200.000 hotel nights and this raised the profits of hotels affiliated to the Tourism Ministry more than five times as they were last year, reaching till SYP 14 billion out of 30 billion of revenues.

Regarding the tourism promotion , Martini stated that the ministry is working with all the friendly states to promote tourism through its participation in external exhibitions ,the latest of which was Expo 2020 Dubai , adding that preparations are currently underway for Expo 2021 Dubai which will include “Syrian tourism week” and is planned to encompasses a show for works, traditional and cultural sites ,in addition to the investment promotion.

“ Chinese state offers the technical cooperation in all fields and we invite it for the tourism investment in Syria”, Martini added stressing that the Ministry provided all the facilities to the comers in context of the Syrian health protocol and it is responsible for securing a comfortable and safe residence within the internationally -applied health regulations.