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Al Zorah launches commercial plot sales in Ajman

November 8, 2021
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UAE-based Al Zorah Development Company has announced the launch of commercial plot sales in The Strip, a popular multi-use area in the northern emirate of Ajman.

This comes following an increased interest in commercial space in the strategically located and economically important area.

The Strip includes numerous commercial spaces that can be used for restaurants and multi-purpose stores, with unit prices starting from AED2.3 million and a payment plan that extends over three years.

Plot sizes range between 10,000 and 16,000 sq ft with an average built up area per plot of around 13,000 sq ft.

Al Zorah is one of the most important tourist destinations in Ajman due to development projects that witness the construction of luxury resorts on the seashore.

Projects also cover a golf club, golf course, walkway, shopping sites, luxury restaurants, four marinas, and apartments on the banks of the creek.

CEO Imad Dana said: 'We have received many inquiries in the past about the possibility of offering commercial plots within a privileged area of the Al Zorah project. This particular area is important in Ajman, not only for business and commerce, but also as a tourist attraction.'

According to him, the newly-launched commercial plots take into account the versatile needs of investors in the retail sector.

'The sales are represented by plots of land on which a single or double storey building can be built. There are a variety of options and this, coupled with The Strip’s highly strategic location, make this a highly attractive choice for investors,' he stated.

The locality includes the Al Zorah Natural mangrove reserve, regarded to be of the most beautiful natural features in Ajman, and is an ideal destination for lovers of ecological and natural tourism.

The many mangroves provide a suitable environment for residents and migratory birds, in addition to the presence of plants and weeds. The Reserve is diverse as a result of the abundance of water, with coasts containing huge groups of fish and coral reefs.