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November 29, 2022
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November 25, 2022
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Syria participates in the International Scientific Conference of the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates

September 27, 2021

The Syrian participants in the 1st international scientific conference of the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates, which was organized by the Federation via the (Zoom) platform on the Internet discussed issues related to the ethics of the training profession, training strategies and modern professional skills.

The conference was held under the title (Foreseeing the future of training in light of digital development, reality and ambition.

The conference aims to define the role of training internationally, Arab and locally in reaching the top of performance, achievement and productivity in all fields.

The President of the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates Dr. Alaa Al-Mandalawi said that the conference’s role in addressing contemporary issues in the field of training, especially in light of the Corona pandemic.

He added that the conference addressed important scientific axes with the wide participation of researchers and specialists in the field of education and training.

The Head of the branch of the International Federation of Arab Academics in Syria Dr. Yanal Ahmed al-Qudsi pointed to the need to shed light on the problems that training suffers from, whether in the field of organization, planning and implementation.

From Syria, Engineer Kawthar Harmalani, a member of the Executive Office and a training advisor in the Federation of Arab Trainers Syndicates, presented a paper entitled (Training Impact Measurement.

She considered it an essential topic in the training process that must be given enough thought and study. The evaluation process should focus on two elements (the quality of training and the quality of what the trainees have learned.

Paul Kassis , a trainer in the Federation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Development Company for Training and Scientific Development in Syria, considered that the conference established effective cooperation between the various Arab trainers and contributes to the assessment of training needs.

From Kuwait, Dr. Salama Salman Al-Gharib, head of the (New World) Institute for Private Training, called for the establishment of an Arab organization concerned with efforts to protect intellectual property at the level of Arab countries.

Dr. Maher Kamel Shubeir, head of the Syndicate of Trainers for Human Resources Development in Palestine, presented a lecture entitled (Total Quality in Training Curricula.