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Syria participates in the first international conference of the International Federation of Arab Academics

September 16, 2021

Damascus (ST): The participants in the first conference of the International Federation of Arab Academics, which was organized by the Federation via the Zoom platform on the Internet, under the title “Education in the Arab World, Objectives, Policies, Reality and Ambition,” discussed a range of educational, social, economic, political, technical and legal issues .

During the conference sessions, the participants reviewed a number of research papers that bore titles such as “challenges facing school teachers in distance education during the Corona pandemic, obstacles to education in the Arab world, the phenomenon of violence in schools, the role of visual media and social networking sites in the educational process, and the role of the Arab Charter on Human Rights in protecting the right to education and the international legal protection of the right to education and electronic classroom, its importance and ways to develop it.

Researcher Dr. Yanal Ahmed al-Qudsi, head of the branch of the International Federation of Arab Academics in Syria, pointed out in a statement that the convening of the conference is important and necessary in light of the exceptional circumstances experienced by the Arab world through the challenges of the Corona pandemic and the political and security conditions and changes that have negatively impacted the education process.

In turn, the social researcher, Dr. Salwa Shaaban, a media advisor in humanitarian and human rights organizations, explained that the conference is a qualitative and comprehensive step in the field of education at the level of our Arab world to discuss various topics within the educational framework.