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Dal-Lago introduces Verton safe lifting tech in GCC, India

September 15, 2021
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Verton’s wireless lifting beams remotely orientate suspended loads without the need for taglines, using gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems, removing the need for personnel near or under loads.

For Dal-Lago, a leading global precast company, bringing the industrialization of construction with its parent company DLC Consulting, means they can offer their lifting industry customers safer, faster, and smarter solutions, said a senior official.

'This is the most revolutionary product in the history of lifting operations,' stated Liyakat Ali Syed, the Director and Head of International Market Operations in Australia, India and the GCC at Dal-Lago.

'The benefit of being an authorized Verton distributor is that we can reach out to many clients who are in different industries. We are excited to be representing Verton’s unique and innovative products which create the safest lifting operations available, while also offering our clients our patent fastest precast solutions, which they might need for their construction projects too,' noted Syed.

Managing Director Trevor Bourne said that this distribution agreement with Dal-Lago will mean safer and more efficient work for countless construction projects.

'The reach that our technology will now have thanks to Dal-Lago is exciting, as the safety benefits they deliver are sorely needed in the construction industry,' he noted.

According to him, Verton’s range of lifting solutions uses gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems that make even the most difficult job safer, without the need for personnel near or under loads.

'Plus, from a productivity and efficiency perspective, the load arrives at the destination in the right orientation due to the control system onboard our equipment while controlling the load via our remote control, even in the event of sudden wind gusts,' stated Bourne.

'Coupled with our smart tech that captures and analyses lifting operation data to identify opportunities for improvement, our solutions are designed to make lifting operations better for everyone,' he added.

Bourne pointed out that the potential for the Dal-Lago/Verton partnership was huge. 'For example, any wind turbine company who would need Verton lifting solutions to safely and more efficiently install towers in India can easily consult with Dal-Lago about building their wind towers in precast concrete,' he explained.

Syed said while Dal-Lago’s philosophy was to minimise the need of raw material especially concrete in any building structure and complete the building structure faster with its patent dry connections, Verton’s lifting solution was an absolute complement to the whole production and erection system.

'It’s an elegant collaboration. Our precast construction industry will hugely benefit from Verton equipment as it allows faster erection of panels without worrying about the safety of workers on site,' he added.