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“Lady of colors”, turns her house into a tourist destination

September 8, 2021

Lattakia, SANA- Spending years in decorating it ,artist Reem Salhab turned her simple house on the road to Slenfa town in Lattakia countryside into a piece of art that stops the area’s visitors ,attracting them to take a rest and photos there in an experience as if they travel through memory to the beautiful past days that encompass all the details of the old houses starting from coffeepot to the furniture and wooden sofas.

Her fondness for nature seems clearly in selecting the bright colors that covered the walls and the various flowers that decorated her house and the wooden ladder added a magic touch to this calm place under walnut trees that surround the house.

The countryside daughter, who is fond of all its details, told SANA reporter that the art lives inside her since she was a child, adding that she promoted her talent and insisted on showing the strong relation with the nature in her paintings and the pieces of cloth that she recycled in addition to the wooden pieces.

She said that the last of her works was bee-keeping through which she found an opportunity to benefit from her time making it a source of additional income along with bringing goodness and benefits for her family and the people alike.

“I wanted to make my house a vibrant nature where I put my humble artistic expertise filling it with a spirit of goodness and sending a message to those who want to take a rest from the digital world and return to nature,” Salhab added.