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Douma gradually regains its schools with government and private efforts

August 30, 2021

Damascus Countryside (ST): The city of Douma in Damascus Countryside is gradually regaining the map of its schools with governmental and civil efforts. With the return of security and safety to it three years ago, work to rehabilitate schools started in preparation for the return of locals, bringing the number of qualified schools in it today to 22 completed and 5 schools in their final stages.

Nuha Al-Najjar, supervisor of the educational complex in Douma, explained that the Directorate of Education in Damascus Countryside, since the liberation of the city from terrorism, has developed an emergency plan to reopen schools and compensate for educational losses for students by returning 11 schools to service and continuing work in this framework Today, after about 3 years, there will be 22 schools in service that receive 26,000 students from the elementary, preparatory, and secondary general and vocational students.

The directorate is currently implementing a plan to rehabilitate 5 schools, in cooperation with the local community, to reopen them during the next academic year, while securing the teaching staff to cover the needs of these schools, according to Al-Najjar, who referred to the role of the civil society in participating in the restoration of several schools and the rehabilitation of the National Center for Informatics Dissemination.

Al-Najjar indicated that the rehabilitation included restoring the infrastructure of schools because the damage to the schools was great as a result of the vandalism and destruction they were subjected to by terrorists.

Eng. Khaled Salam, one of the contributors to rehabilitation work within the civil society initiatives in the city, pointed out that terrorism not only destroyed the infrastructure and public sector institutions, including schools, but also tried to cultivate dark ideas among children, and therefore it was necessary to combine efforts between the city council and civil society to restore schools.