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Douma city recovers its educational sector thanks to government and civil efforts

August 29, 2021

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Douma city is gradually recovering its schools thanks to government and civil joint efforts.The rehabilitation of schools in the city began after restoring safety and security to Douma city in Damascus countryside three years ago, in a preparation for the return of families and aspects of life in various fields, with the number of rehabilitated schools has reached up 22 ones so far and 5 ones in their final rehabilitation stages.

Camera SANA toured Douma city and documented the schools which have been rehabilitated there.

The supervisor of the Educational Complex in Douma, Nuha Najjar, said that since restoring the city, Damascus Countryside Education Directorate has put an emergency plan to re-open schools and compensate the educational loss for the students as 11 schools have been rehabilitated and put into service, adding that after three years, there are 22 schools receive 26 thousand students of basic Education, vocational and secondary schools.

She added that the Directorate is rehabilitating 5 schools right now, in cooperation with the civil community, to be opened next year with securing the teaching cadres to cover the schools’ needs.