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Aleppo Chamber of Industry holds the annual general assembly meeting

May 10, 2021

During the annual general assembly meeting on May 8th, members of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry called for the issuance of laws to solve the problems of bad loans, consumer spending, and areas affected by terrorism.

The members demanded the necessity of relying on renewable energy resources to generate electricity using the sun and wind and the issuance of a new investment law that contributes to the resettlement of immigrant industries.

The Minister of Industry Ziad Subhi Sabbagh talked about the governmental efforts to advance the industrial sector and develop it for the better by working to secure energy supplies and oil products.

Sabbagh noted the importance of the Aleppo industrial sector and its role in supporting the national economy, especially during the next stage by achieving partnership between the public and private sectors.

Sabbagh indicated that all the proposals and demands of the industrialists will be the focus of attention of the government team to work to overcome them and secure the necessary solutions for them.

Faris Al-Shihabi, Chairman of the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, called for real partnership with the government team to contribute to the economic decision-making, as the industry is the backbone for formulating economic decisions.

Al-Shihabi noted the need to provide support for exports and the creation of financing banks for the industry of renewable energy resources.