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On the occasion of Labor Day, a number of workers honoured during an Iftar banquet at Sahara Complex

May 3, 2021
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On the occasion of International Labor Day on May 1, the General Federation of Trade Unions honoured a number of workers who suffered work injuries while performing their duties.

During an Iftar banquet that was held in Sahara Complex in the presence of the Prime Minister, Engineer Hussein Arnous, and a number of ministers, the honored workers affirmed that they will remain loyal soldiers to their country and physical disability will not be a hindrance to their progress to the promotion and development of work.

Adnan Mashaan (wounded) from the Water and Sewerage Corporation in Hama said that his injury gave him strength for more work and to be an example for all workers.

Worker, Mazen Bakro, from the Idlib Health Directorate, who suffered an injury while working that led to his complete loss of his leg, confirmed that despite the pain, his injury gave him strength and patience.

The head of the trade union committee in AdraFree Zone, Reem Mahmoud, said that the workers are the unknown soldiers who work silently to raise Syria’s economy.

In his speech, the Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions, Jamal Al-Qadiri, affirmed that the federation commemorates through the Labor Day the values of justice and equality and condemns the exploitation and persecution suffered by the workers of the world.

The ceremony was attended by the ministers, members of the central leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party Shaban Azouz, Ammar al-Sebaei, a number of MP’s and the heads of popular organizations and professional unions.