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JCI Lattakia’s “ Trust “ conference for Public Relations Enhances Cooperation between Economic Activities

March 31, 2021

Under the patronage of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry, The Junior Chamber International (JCI) in Lattakia organized “ Trust for Public Relations” conference under the slogan “ Together we rise”.

The event formed an open-dialogue forum that brought together representatives of public and private economic activities in the city of Lattakia and provided an opportunity for exchanging views on successful experiences in the field of public relations and means of consolidating them .

Syriatimes e-newspaper attended the conference and met a number of participants and organizers.

The representative of the ministry, Mr. Ahmed Najm, Director General of the Syrian Trade Establishment said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper 'The ministry's sponsorship of the event stressed its role in consolidating partnership with the private sector and supporting all youth initiatives that seek to serve the Syrian community.'

Dalia Suleiman, local president of the JCI Lattakia 2021 indicated to Syriatmes that 'The conference aims at shedding light on the concept of public relations to apply it in professional ways to enhance communication and cooperation between the community’s private and public establishments as well civil societies to overcome economic conditions imposed by Covid-19”.

Vice president of the JCI Lattakia Muhannad Al-Hmedi said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper “ the JCI Lattakia’s top priority is to reactivate cooperation among economic concerned sides on the ground. The conference is of great importance as it provided a platform for economic activities to exchange expertise and enhanced trust at the level of JCI with economic activities”.

AL-Hmedi appreciated the Interior Ministry’s support in addition to the participation of economic activities and businessmen to make this conference a success , stressing the importance of mobilizing all existing expertise to confront hard circumstances and achieve the hoped-for country’s progress.

The participant businesswoman Mrs. Yasmina Azhari said in statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper “ This conference is very important, as it is a platform for young generation to benefit from those who have long experiences in the business field”.

Mrs. Al-Azhari pointed out that she sought through her participation to share JCI with her 43-year of high-qualified experience and to express her belief that the young generation is the future of Syria.

On his part, the participant Dr. Basem Ghadeer, a professor at the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics in Tishreen University, explained in a statement to the Syriatimes “ According to academic studies, we find that all companies around the world are very concerned with the issue of public relations. As much as the company has a strong network it strengthens its presence in markets.

Dr. Ghadeer noted the need to link the government sector with the different sectors within the same country or even with other countries, which helps in solving the accumulated crises.