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Mrs. Asma Al-Assad greets Syrian mothers

March 22, 2021

On March 21st, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad greeted the Syrian mothers on their day, describing them as the key to victory.

The greeting posted on the presidential page on Facebook said:

“Ten years have passed since our war that we fought together. The Syrian mother who gives birth and raises children who raise with their arms the pillars of the future despite the pressure of the opponents and the siege of the enemies, to make joy out of distress and joy from pain, and to wrest from suffering and difficulties, success and elegance.”

A mother is a person who pushes her children to work at their maximum potential, creating at every moment a new opportunity for livelihood, production and blessing.

The mother who casts her light always separates right from wrong, between faithfulness and betrayal, between inaction and responsibility.

The mother who sees Syria in every grain of soil from the far north to the far south, sees her homeland in every house, every village and every city. She sees it in every wound, tear and smile.

To the mother who builds and fortifies her family and protects the nation and the whole society.

Today we are entering an era of ten years in which a new generation of children has grown up, which is the generation of war towards which the mother must give her utmost to instill in their conscience the best values and their names.

We won battles but the war has not ended yet, we won the pure will but the confrontation has not ended yet, and you, the Syrian mother, are the key to victory and its gateway.

The greatest achievement that a mother can do is to belong to her homeland, and to transmit this belonging to her children, so it appears in their work for their country, their devotion to it and their defense of it.

On your Day, every year, you represent the homeland.”