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Health Ministry launches National Vaccination Days targeting 2.7 million children

April 6, 2021

Damascus, SANA- The Health Ministry launched on Monday the National Vaccination Days which target children under five years of age who dropped out vaccinations, and will last till May 13th amid taking all the required precautionary measures to address the novel coronavirus.

The campaign, which includes all the 11 vaccines within the national vaccination program, targets 2.7 million children under the age of five in various provinces to assess their vaccination status.

According to the records, more than 77,000 children who have dropped out of the vaccination need to be vaccinated in various provinces.

The campaign is implemented through 1,655 health centers, medical points, and 568 mobile teams, with the participation of 9,468 health workers, and it aims to ensure that the children complete their routine vaccinations included in the national vaccination program and to follow up on children who dropped out of the vaccination and give them the vaccinations due in conjunction with the regional vaccination week.