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Petroleum Ministry: Massive container ship running aground, suspension of maritime navigation in Suez Canal hinder oil supplies to Syria

March 28, 2021
oil and gas

Damascus, SANA – Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced Saturday that the running aground of a massive container ship and blockage of the most important waterway in the world led to the suspension of navigation in the Suez Canal for the 4th consecutive day, which hindered the oil supplies to Syria and delayed arrival of a tanker carrying oil and oil derivations to Syria.

The Ministry said in a statement to SANA that waiting for the return of normal movement of the navigation via the Suez Canal, which may take an unknown time, and in order to guarantee continued supply of basic services to Syrians such as bakeries, hospitals, water stations, communication centers and other vital institutions, the Ministry is currently rationalizing the distribution of the available quantities of petroleum derivatives mainly “ diesel and benzene ‘‘ to ensure their vital availability for the longest possible time.

The Ministry expressed the hope that the re-floatation operations of the stranded ship and re-opening of the Suez Canal will succeed in a way that the transportation and trade movement return to normal and that the awaited oil supplies arrive to Syria and without taking any additional measures.