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135 companies participate in “Sela International Export Exhibition” for shoes and leather

February 23, 2021
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With the participation of 135 local and Arab companies, the activities of 'Sela International Export Exhibition' for shoes, leather goods and production requirements for 2021 Spring and Summer were launched at the fairgrounds in Damascus .

The exhibition, organized by the Arab Federation for Leather Industries in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of Industry and Commerce, continues until February 24th, with the participation of major companies manufacturing shoes and leather from Syria and several Arab countries.

Industry Minister Ziad Sabbagh indicated in a statement to reporters the importance of the exhibition as it showcases local products that reflect the development of the Syrian industry and the return of glory to it in addition to the recovery of Syrian economy.

The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Muhammad Samer Al-Khalil drew attention to the quality of the Syrian products participating in the exhibition, which industrialists were able, despite the years of war, to develop and maintain their quality.

Secretary-General of the Arab Federation for Leather Industries, Muhammad Kazarah indicated that the exhibition contributes to enhancing trade exchange between Syrian producers and industrialists and their counterparts in the Arab countries. He expects to sign many contracts with businessmen invited from abroad, which in turn will contribute to the revitalization of the Syrian leather industries, that existed over decades in all Arab markets.

Chairman of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, Engineer Faris Al-Shehabi, underlined the importance of the exhibition as it’s a competitive exporting activity. He expressed his hope for the success of its activities and the export of all goods, due to the fact that the Syrian product is of good quality and lowly priced thus competing with similar products in the neighboring markets.

The head of public relations in the Arab Federation for Leather Industries, Muhammad Al-Boushi, underscored the wide participation of the 135 local and Arab companies that have proven in previous years their ability to continue despite all circumstances, indicating that 360 businessmen from “Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Somalia and Djibouti have been invited.

Eng. Muhammad Khair Al-Rifai, Director of the General Company for Shoes Manufacturing, confirmed that the company manufactures all kinds of shoes, underlining the importance of their participation in getting acquainted with the most up to date developments in the shoe industry and production requirements.

Georgette Suleiman, Director of the General Company for Tanning highlighted the importance of the exhibition due to containing many new products, which will open the doors for export and marketing.