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Second Health center in Al-Mayadeen city resumes offering services to people

February 21, 2021

DER EZZOUR,(ST)_The second health center in Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour has started offering medical services to the residents of the city and the countryside after its renovation from the destruction of terrorists.

Director of Health Directorate in the city Dr. Bashar Al-Shoebi said that the second health center, which was damaged by terrorism, was renovated in cooperation with international organizations.

Medical equipment and cadres are in the center to offer services to people, who are visiting it.

The center is provided with a solar power generator and a vaccine warehouse and it includes children, dental, and women clinics and laboratory.

In October, 2017, the Syrian army liberated the city of Al-Mayadeen from ISIS terrorists, who occupied the city for 3 years .