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Ministry of Labour to unveil major plans this week

January 24, 2021

The government will unveil some major plans and policies this week to streamline the labour market in Oman, which will include offering fresh opportunities to national jobseekers. In coordination with the concerned authorities in the public and private sectors, the first of its kind press conference by the ministry is expected to cover a wide range of issues, including those related to the recruitment of expatriates in various sectors.

The ministry’s plans for 2021 includes announcing job opportunities, and many initiatives to correct and address labour market conditions, the statement said.

Sheikh Nasr bin Amer al Hosni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour, said that there will be initiatives to provide job opportunities in various sectors, which will be announced every month with numbers, sectors and the follow-up procedures.

It may be noted that the Ministry of Labor is undergoing a comprehensive review of the sector under the Midterm Fiscal plan by focusing on the laws and regulations governing the labor market; tracking significant changes in labor market conditions,

It will also seek to increase flexibility in the labor market to adapt to changes in supply and demand.

The Ministry of Labor is reviewing the policies and rates Omanization has imposed on various sectors by making Omanization targets more flexible. These policies will help to increase employment opportunities for Omanis and help to attract businesses by reducing structural labor rigidity.

The ministry will implement an open data policy so that appointment numbers, job turnover, numbers, and percentages of job seekers are available. The conference will address the issue of balance between the number of job seekers and the opportunities for employment. It will also announce a number of professions, which will be open for job seekers in the public and private sectors.

The employment opportunities will be offered through entrepreneurship programs or training associated with employment, direct replacement in some targeted public and private sectors. The situation will be evaluated every quarter, the ministry said.

At the same time, the ministry extended the grace period granted to employers of expatriate workers who still occupy positions that have been set for Omanisation to January 26.

The decision allows non-Omani workers to shift to other-Omanised jobs in accordance with terms set for the occupation of such jobs.

It also covers amending ‘suspended’ jobs to other jobs and allows the amendment of jobs of different occupational grades in accordance with terms set for employment.

The announcement also covers the amendment of salaries of non-Omani manpower in accordance with the signed contract, with provision for the transfer of services of non-Omani workers from one employer to another as per the terms.

The announcement, among other amendments, also permits the employer to apply for a license for recruitment of non-Omani workers, from inside the Sultanate, within the slot of ‘suspended’ activities, provided the terms are met.

Al Hosni said that as jobs in the public sector will be limited, some of them will be through replacement.

There are technical and specialized jobs in the public sector, particularly in the Ministries of Education and health, which will be also announced also at the meeting.

The Ministry will hold this conference annually, in which it will present its plan and evaluate its performance with transparency.