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Syrian, Russian talks on developing economic and financial cooperation

December 3, 2020
finance & economy

Moscow, SANA- Comprehensive talks were held in the Russian Cabinet building, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia , the head of joint Syrian – Russian Committee ,Yury Borisov, and Minister of Presidential Affairs , Mansour Azzam.

The talks tackled means of enhancing bilateral cooperation and putting agreements and MoUs previously signed between Russia and Syria into force, in addition to the preparations for holding the meetings of bilateral joint committee this month which will be crowned by broadening the commercial and economic cooperation between the two countries before the end of December.

Borisov renewed Russia’s stance by offering all facilitation and support in all domains in addition to Russia’s standing by the Syrian people in their war on terrorism and confronting the economic conditions caused by the unjust economic sanctions imposed on Syria.

For his part, Minister Azzam affirmed that this round of talks and outcomes of the committee meetings will have the greatest effect in boosting the commercial exchange and encouraging the investment between the two sides.