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Cabinet: speeding up process of setting and implementing plans to re-cultivate areas affected by fires

October 15, 2020

Damascus, SANA-During its weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Eng. Hussein Arnous, the cabinet saluted the cadres of the ministries, public bodies, unions and the social and popular activities and the firefighters and civil defense teams who contributed to putting out fires in the countryside of Lattakia, Tartous and Homs supported by the Syrian Arab Army, praising their exceptional efforts which reflect the spirit of cooperation and dedication of the Syrian people in the face of crises.

The cabinet asked the ministries to speedily set up and implement plans to re-cultivate the areas that have been affected by the fires, and restore the normal economic life to them as soon as possible, and to put in put mechanisms to provide the immediate support after the release of statements by the committees which have begun to assess the damage in the framework of the response to meet the actual needs of the people and provide material support to those affected by the fires to re-invest and cultivate their lands and speed up the provision of all services and the required saplings.

Eng. Arnous affirmed that the state will provide various types of support to the affected people to compensate them for the damage they suffered from as a result of the fires in a way that would contribute to reviving the agricultural lands and launching local development projects.

He underlined the importance of activating partnership with the private sector and the organizations and unions and strengthening efforts to combat smuggling and tampering with oil derivatives, and to take preemptive measures to confront any emergency and to deal with the media with responsibility and transparency.