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Lattakia produces about 600 thousand tons of citrus for current season

September 13, 2020
finance & economy

Lattakia, SANA Director of Lattakia Agriculture directorate Munzer Khair Bek estimated the citrus fruits production in the city to reach about 600 thousand tons for the current season.

In a statement to SANA, Khair Bek referred to a decrease in the production for about 30% compared with the previous season due to the weather conditions that prevailed in the province during the last months.

He clarified that the quality of the fruit is good in general and the marketing indicators inside the country or concerning the export are positive.

Regarding the damages that affected the crop, Khair Bek clarified that the high temperature the province witnessed had the biggest affect, adding that the Agriculture Directorate prepared lists to compensate the affected farmers and they are under study at the ministry for approval.

Last year, citrus production in the province amounted at 900 thousand tons.