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Health Ministry launches intensive national vaccination campaign against Coronavirus next Sunday-Syria

January 20, 2023

With the aim of protection against variants of the Corona virus and severe symptoms of the disease and maintaining the stability of the epidemiological situation, the Ministry of Health will launch next Sunday the intensive national vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus. It will continue until the 26th of this month.

Director of Primary Health Care at the Ministry, Dr. Razan Tarabishi, said in a statement to SANA correspondent, the campaign targets people over 18 years old, by going directly to the hospitals and centers designated for the campaign, along with a number of mobile teams to ensure reaching the largest number of people.

According to Tarabishi, 7,667 health workers are participating in the campaign, distributed among 20 hospitals, 874 health centers and 399 mobile teams, stressing that the Ministry has completed all technical and logistical preparations for launching the campaign, by securing its supplies and providing the mobile teams with thermometers to ensure safe preservation of vaccines.

Dr. Tarabishi underlined the importance of obtaining the third or fourth booster dose to raise the level of immunity, especially for the elderly, people with chronic diseases and health personnel.

Dr. Tarabishi stressed that the vaccine is the only solution to maintain the stability of the epidemiological situation and eliminate the pandemic, confirming that it is safe, effective and free, and it is allowed, according to the recent recommendations of the World Health Organization, to be given to a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.