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Strengthening trade cooperation is the focus of the meeting of the South African ambassador with the Tartous Chamber of Commerce and Industry

October 25, 2022
finance & economy

Tartous (ST): The meeting of members of the Tartous Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Syria Barry Gilder focused on ways to enhance trade cooperation between the two countries in various economic fields.

During the meeting, Ambassador Gilder presented an overview of the Republic of South Africa, its characteristics, and what can be benefited from in the field of exchange for various sectors, and the importance of the tourism sector in it.

In turn, the members of the Chamber presented an overview of all industrial, commercial and tourism sectors, the possibility of investing in maritime transport in particular in the process of trade exchange, and the possibility of establishing a database of goods and products, businessmen, and sectors that could be a basis for the process of commodity exchange, foremost of which are olives, olive oil and conserves.

The members of the Chamber also focused on the various commodities of each country, emphasizing the formation of a delegation from the Chamber to South Africa, meeting with their counterparts, and the possibility of holding an exhibition of Syrian products and heritage.

In a statement to reporters, Ambassador Gilder expressed his happiness at visiting Tartous and meeting with official and commercial activities there, hoping to achieve progress in strengthening relations between the two sides despite the existing challenges.