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Lavrov calls for abandoning the use of dollar in transactions

March 23, 2021

Moscow (ST): Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for the use of national currencies instead of the US dollar in mutual settlements between countries to reduce the risks of US sanctions.

Lavrov said in an interview with Chinese media published by the Russian Foreign Ministry last night that to reduce the risks of US sanctions, we need to enhance our technological independence by using global national currencies as an alternative to the dollar in reciprocal settlements, noting that “we should stay away from the use of payment systems controlled by the West, and Russia and China have to strengthen their independence.

Lavrov emphasized that the United States and its allied countries seek to impose their will everywhere and obstruct the formation of a multi-polar democratic world, and said that “a group of Western countries led by the United States seeks to obstruct the objective trend to form a truly multi-polar democratic world as it seeks to preserve its hegemony in the global economy and international politics at any price.