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Tal Tamer Power Station is put into service again

January 7, 2021
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Al-Hasaka, (ST) - The General Electricity Company of Al-Hasaka restored the electrical supply to Tal Tamer power station after repairing the damage caused by the missile attack carried out by Turkish Occupation Forces and their mercenaries on Wednesday.

Director of Al-Hasaka Electricity Department, Anwar Al-Okleh, told SANA that the maintenance teams have finished repairing the damages caused by the Turkish occupation forces’ assault, and the electrical lines connected to the station have been connected especially Tal Tamer sub-districtline and the surrounding villages.

Al-Okleh indicated that work is underway to repair the 20 kV Zarkan area line in the area that borders the villages occupied by the Turkish occupation forces.

The Turkish occupation forces attacked this morning with mortar shells the vicinity of Tal Tamer district, as several shells fell in the Tal Tamr power station, 2 km north of Tal Tamr, near the Al-Mabaqer complex.

Deliberately, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries, who are spread in Ras Al-Ayncity, target infrastructures and utility services in the northern and western sides of Hasaka countryside to deprive residents from these services.