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Syria and Russia: The unjust Western economic blockade hinders the return of the Syrian refugees

December 29, 2020

On December 28th, participants in the joint Syrian-Russian press conference in Damascus shed light on the efforts made by the two sides to restore normal life to areas liberated from terrorism in Syria.

The participants stressed that the Western economic blockade prevents the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

The Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Eng. Hussein Makhlouf, spoke about how the Syrian state had reacted to the terrorist war it was subjected to and how it addressed the consequences resulting from it

Minister Makhlouf referred to the sectors of relief, humanitarian, social or service, as well as the amnesty decrees issued by President Bashar Al-Assad, which amounted to 16 decrees and the formation of the Higher Relief Committee in 2012. The Committee worked to deliver relief, health and service aid to all affected groups, regardless of any obstacles, in cooperation and coordination between government agencies, national NGOs, UN organizations and international organizations.

Minister Makhlouf said that 93 government shelters have been equipped and rebuilt inaddition to repairing 19736 damaged houses and completing 1903 unfinished buildings, as well as servicing and securing 140 government shelters.

Minister Makhlouf said that the Committee for Reconstruction and Rebuilding of Damaged Infrastructures and Compensation for Damages that was formed in 2012 focused on its work at the beginning of the war on compensation for damages to the private property of citizens and spent nearly 20 billion Syrian pounds. The Committee received refugees from abroad in areas such as Al-Harjalah, Adra and Hassia.

Minister Makhlouf said that the Coordination Committee for the Return of the Syrian Refugees worked in close cooperation with the Russian Coordinating Authority to help refugees restore lost documents and secure transportation and health care services.

Minister Makhlouf said that hundreds of thousands of refugees from abroad and about 4 million internally displaced people were returned to their areas in close cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Minister Makhlouf said that the concerned authorities have secured the transfer and accommodation of all those leaving the Rukban Camp and provide them with the necessary care until they return to their homes.

Minister Makhlouf said that the unjust blockade and unilateral coercive measures imposed by countries supporting terrorism on Syria continues to impede the return of displaced persons, refugees and stability in Syria.

For his part, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Ayman Sousan noted during the conference the continuous development of relations and the strengthening of coordination of the partnership between Syria and Russia in a way that serves the common interests.

Dr. Ayman Sousan said that after the field achievements made by the Syrian Arab Army with the support of the allies, Syrian policy was based on the foundations of continuing to fight terrorism until liberating the entire national territory from any terrorist and illegal presence, whether American or Turkish.

Dr. Ayman Sousan said that the Turkish regime's failure to adhere to the understandings with the Russian friends regarding the de-escalation zone in Idlib has once again demonstrated the full partnership between the Erdogan regime and terrorist groups that aim to achieve the Ottoman delusions of the Justice Party government.

Dr. Ayman Sousan stressed that the American occupation of Syrian lands remains the main reason for escalating the situation and preventing the return of security and stability, and this is evident in its support for the 'Qasdmilitia'. (SDF)

Dr. Ayman Sousan affirmed that economic terrorism and unilateral coercive measures are one of the aspects of the American war on Syria, which is the main reason for the suffering of Syrians in their lives and subsistence.

Dr. Ayman Sousan said that the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian lands come within the framework of identical US-Israeli stance towards Syria.

Dr. Ayman Sousan stressed that determining the future of Syria is the exclusive right of its people, and that no one will be allowed to interfere in this matter.

In his turn, the Representative of the Russian Coordination Center, Major General Cetnik Vyacheslav, confirmed that the Reconciliation Center carried out 2,666 humanitarian operations in all Syrian governorates between September and November this year.

Vyacheslav said that the center monitors the reconstruction of infrastructure and public facilities.

Vyacheslav said that the working groups of the departments of the Coordination Center and jointly with representatives of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and local administration bodies are working to transfer 500 displaced persons, from 8 shelters to their place of residence in the liberated areas, and another 355 displaced persons from 6 shelters in Hama governorate.

Director of the Political Department in the Syrian Arab Army, Major General Hassan Suleiman said that after ten years of the terrorist war imposed on Syria, we can confidently say that we have passed the most difficult stage of this war despite the presence of some terrorist outposts in which the armed organizations receive direct support from the American and Turkish occupations .

Major General Suleiman said that the wheel of life has returned to all liberated areas thanks to the sacrifices and heroics of the Syrian Arab Army with the help of Russian friends and allies.

Major General Suleiman said that every inch still under the control of terrorist organizations will be liberated from terrorism.

Major General Suleiman reiterated that the Syrian Arab Army is fully prepared to continue carrying out its national tasks and to complete the liberation of our lands from terrorism and its supporters in preparation for the return of our refugee children outside Syria.

Major General Suleiman referred to Russia's great support for the Syrian Arab Army in its war on terrorism, securing the liberated areas, removing the effects of aggression and its remnants, and creating favorable conditions for the return Syrian citizens to their homes.